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Welcome to mcbridesguides. Click on the menu items above to access essays on otherwise hard-to-understand areas of law, and other materials and links that I hope will help you in your legal studies and researches. Please feel free to leave comments on any of the posts on this site – I will learn something from them, and so will other people.

Nick McBride

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  1. Your an amazing fella. Read your book and I don’t think I will ever find a comparable and avid teacher and author in one. Starting at the uni of York with your book in hand 🙂 well done and THANK YOU!!

  2. I start doing an open university law degree in October this year, never felt more confident after reading your book many thanks, A wealth of information that will be useful to any nervous potential law student.

  3. Thank you so much for your website and the resources you share. I find your personal advice very useful and wise, and funny at the same time. And I really enjoy the articles on equity, they really help me to solidify my understanding of the key concepts. The world is a better place with a great teacher like you. Thank you once again for sharing with us.

  4. Letters to a Law Student is not only an excellent book for budding law students. It is a guide to approaching studies or work in multiple fields and even life I am a banker in my mid-40s and have been using it as reference and even a solace for several years now . This book is a classicand should be required reading for any high school senior or college freshman – and not just academically but even forgo how to live a good life. I see it as an extension of the stoic school of thought, with its appeal to rational thinking, calm, excellence and the supremacy of the mind over emotion. And the essays in the “Personal Advice” section on this website remind me of Seneca’s letters in their direct value. And Mr. McBride’s writing style is second too non.

    My only appeal to Nick is that you provide us with some you tube videos to talk through some of your ideas or at leat

  5. Thank you for your awesome textbook on Tort Law 😉 It made the first year of law school so much easier for me. Love your texts on other areas such as jurisprudence and contract law as well ;D (I’m trembling with excitement, while thinking about the possibility of you reading this comment.)

    Most importantly, thank you for your exceedingly helpful advice on how to handle schoolwork in university. Cheers!

  6. Hi there.. I was recently directed by God to pursue an LLB. Miraculously,your book and recommendations happens to be the ideal resources i could ever have to help enlarge my scope of knowledge in dealing with issues of law with a Christian orientation. To say thank you for your good will and efforts does little justice to how much i appreciate this platform and you as person. God bless you and i’m more than excited for your next post. Bless you.

  7. Brilliant book ‘4th Edition’ I am a mature student at the age of 30, so this is daunting however your book and your resources have made me even more hungry to study law. I start at UEL in September.

  8. Dear Nicholas,

    I have been accepted for the degree of Business & Law in UCD and cannot express how thankful I am for all the recommendations and tips you are providing in your book. Now I am feeling way more confident going to the university with the understanding of my main principles as well as huge curiosity about my educational journey!

    Thanks a lot again for the insightful and comprehensible guide to my future in Legal sector!

    Best regards,


  9. I am currently reading your book, “letters to a law student”. I am awed, excited and grateful. I am not a first year student but, how I wish I read it earlier.
    The thought of reading your other books is exciting.
    Thank you so much!!!

  10. Hello Sir! i am Sameer from Pakistan, just started to BS-LLB at one of Pakistan’s most prominent university, Government College University Lahore. I have just started to read your book Letters to a law student. i can’t elaborate in words how helpful it has proven for me, who has started studying law from scratch. leaving this comment just let you know that you owe ample gratitude from myside for this amazing working. thank you so much sir!

  11. Thank you!!! A simple comment does not provide the opportunity to express how grateful I am for your book “Letters to a law student” and also for the material shared on this site. The book has been my law school bible since my very first year and find so much useful advise transferrable even out of university.

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